Click Me Pockets

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Undoubtedly the most popular and versatile pad, the Pocket Size pad comes in
various shapes and colors.
If you’re sitting on the bench while playing Golf or you’re sitting in the stands watching the children played the pocket size warmer will make the wait more enjoyable and comfortable.

The Pocket Pad provides instant heat making it more accessible when playing outdoor sports
such as golf, hockey or football. They are perfect for your gloves when hunting,
or any other sport game.

They are wonderful for immediate heat relief when a sudden headache comes or you strain a muscle playing tennis and if you find that you’re suddenly chilled, this pad, placed at the base of the neck provides immediate relief of the cold.

The small pads are fun to play with; A wonderful gift for both adults and children.

Most importantly, the pocket size pad, like all are pads is re-useable – ensuring that you can enjoy them without having to throw them away after each use.