Click Me Back with Belt

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The Back Warmer Pad can  provides up to
2 hours of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature.

It fits perfectly in the small of the back when sitting or across the upper back when lying down.
The Back Warmer Pad can come with an optional belt, holding heat longer, while allowing the pad to be strapped to specific areas of the body - without constricting mobility.
Quick and easy to use, the Back Warmer Pad is the next generation of hot  water bottles and traditional heat pads. 

Totally versatile, the Back Warmer can be used on many parts of the body – wherever heat relief is needed.
   The most amazing feature, in comparison to other pads on the market, is that this pad
   can travel with you – providing you with instant heat relief when
   you need it – in the car, train, boat or in the hotel room.

Excellent relief for:

  • Back pain.
  • Menstruation pain.
  • Spine and Lumbar area pains.
  • Arms, Legs, hands, knees and elbows pain.